5n2 During Covid Times

It is almost unbelievable to think that a year has gone by since the Province of Ontario implemented safety protocols to manage the spread of the virus to protect its citizens.

We felt the impact immediately at 5n2 in the way we prepare meals for our clients going from large trays feeding 35 people down to individual portions in recyclable single use containers. This increased our costs and preparation time. As many of our volunteers are seniors, we were faced with a reduced number of volunteers to get the meals ready and to assist in other work at the kitchen. We also had less food rescue donations due to retail food establishment and restaurant closures. Yes, we did indeed face some challenges.

The pandemic has exposed food insecurity as an issue that is faced by many people living in Toronto, and statistics bear witness to an increase in number of visits to food banks and soup kitchens in 2020. By the end of 2020, we had doubled the number of meals we serve on a weekly basis and had added new locations for those in need in our community. We have adapted to the single use containers however there is still significant effort required in planning and scheduling deliveries to the various locations. We have grown, and we are introducing new programs this year. We are always looking for volunteers, food donations/ food rescue and monthly donors to keep us going one meal at a time.

We would not have been able to get through the past year without the support of our volunteers, partners, donors and grant makers. Onward with 2021!

“All sorrows are less with bread. “ –  Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Food Insecurity

We all agree access to food is a basic need and should be treated as a human right for the most vulnerable in our society. If we can’t meet this need, then we are not meeting our social obligation to look after each other.
Food insecurity goes beyond than being just about putting food on the table. It is about the quality and quantity of the food, how it impacts the health of its consumers and its long-term effects. There is quite often poor access to fresh produce and there is also the constant stress of dealing with the rising cost of food. Food insecurity is a symptom of the disease of poverty. 
According to Homeless Hub, 1 in 7 (or 4.9 million) people in Canada live in poverty. Low-income families are more vulnerable to poor health than those earning a living wage and they use more healthcare resources because illness can make it harder to get out of poverty. Poverty can lead to sickness because of inadequate housing, poor nutrition, and less access to preventative health care.
Here at 5n2, we are providing more than a free meal. We are meeting our obligations, one meal at a time and will continue to do so as long as there is a need here in Scarborough.
“When a man’s stomach is full, it makes no difference if he is rich or poor.” Euripides

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global movement for giving and volunteering, an opportunity for you to support our more vulnerable neighbors.  This Giving Tuesday, help us raise $25,000 before midnight December 1, 2020!

Every donation towards the “Feed Our Community” campaign provides food to a neighbour in need through our free food programs. https://5n2.ca/donate

Thank you for helping us fight hunger in our communities.

5n2 Food For All

We strive to minimize poverty, hunger and food insecurity in our communities. We work with partner organizations to bring fresh, warm meals to local residents, serving at food banks, shelters, senior’s buildings, drop-in centres and apartment buildings.


This year we have kept our doors open 7 days/week especially through COVID-19, as the need for our services has increased much.Even with our volunteer pool down by over 40%, we have had to adapt and keep going as many in our communities are in isolation, vulnerable and at risk and need our help.

Visit our website at 5n2.ca to consider how you could join hands with us to serve your neighbors.